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    In case you are only starting out and figuring out how to make beats, all though the theory can be fun however when you receive stuck in it can be really frustrating. One of the primary mistakes people make is just not knowing the style of beats they need to produce, what exactly ultimately ends up happening can be a beat is produced, but with no known style.

    Sometimes, without the need of realizing, individuals will create a beat with many different styles combined to 1 beat, and a lot almost daily it sounds... rubbish - to be blunt. Luckily to suit your needs allow me to share 3 simple tips that should make it easier for you to pick a design of beats to create and turn into soon on your way producing killer beats.

    Know your lifestyle?

    For reasons uknown most people lose out this task, and go straight into building a beat without knowing what sort of style beat their gonna produce. So, this is a fantastic way to know your look - Ok, now we've identified you will need a style, what's it likely to be: Reggae, R n' B, pop, west cost, east cost etc... once you have worked out your lifestyle, you have a perception of learning to make your beats.

    Go with a artist mimic?

    Now that you've learned your lifestyle, who's the top at making beats in that style? Or whose beats do you like in the style you've selected? Once you've got a painter or few, start making beats that you just think they would like.

    Pay attention to their job?

    Once you have your artist to mimic hear the work they do, spend some time to pay attention to their style have a feel for it. Add then answer these questions afterwards:

    What can you prefer?

    What is your opinion you could improve?

    Whatrrrs your opinion is missing?
    Ace Hood Style instrumental 
    How will you take what you've learnt in the artist and earn it your own?

    I hope you are finding these tips useful and hopefully assist you to moving toward producing killer beats.


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